Recycling: Top 5 Tips to Avoid a Missed Collection

blue-bin-silhouette1. Keep your bin free of garbage bags and other non-recyclables.
Not only are garbage bags not recyclable (in Quebec), but they are also a red flag to waste collectors since they often contain MORE non-recyclable waste! Other non-recyclables often found in blue bins include kitchen scraps and pizza boxes (leftover food and soiled cardboard should go in your brown bin),  and garbage items such as Styrofoam packaging/containers and dirty diapers. Yuck!


2. Place your bin where it’s accessible.
Make sure you place your bin so that its wheels face your home, and that it’s placed on the edge of your property and the curb. Ensure the bin is clear of debris and not blocked by other bins or bags. No vehicles should impede access to the bin. Make sure neighbors/contractors are advised in case their vehicles cause any issues with your collection.


3. Keep your bin’s lid shut.
A bin stuffed beyond capacity, even if it is full of perfectly recyclable material, will likely passed over by collection services. Reason? The bin’s contents will spill to the pavement before your collection truck’s mechanical arms can pick up the bin, lift, and flip the bin’s contents into the collection truck! If you are having regular overflow issues because your bin is too small for your home’s needs, contact the Public Works and ask about switching your current bin for a larger one.


4. Make sure your bin is placed outside on time.
Recycling collection starts at 7am every Tuesday morning in CSL. Collection trucks can change their schedules/routes from week-to-week, so just because you usually have your bin collected at 2pm, doesn’t mean you can count on that to be same case for every week. If you’re not an early riser, you are also allowed to put your bin out the night before after 10pm.


5. If you’re having any difficulties, call for help!
Whether there’s construction work impeding access to your street for collection services, or you’re totally lost about what kind of trash goes where, the good folks at Public Works (514-485-6800) will be sure to help solve your problems as quickly and conveniently as possible.

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