Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change

It might be tempting to blame Hurricane Sandy entirely on global warming and climate change, but there is no consensus among scientists that this is the case.  However, most climate experts do agree that the intensity of the storm was at least in part related to changing global climate. The havoc Sandy wreaked on the Caribbean and the U.S. East Coast last month was of mammoth proportion and there are thousands who are still suffering the consequences.

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This Scientific American article looks at a dangerous aftermath of Sandy, water pollution.


Energy Efficiency


Now that the cold days of winter are fast approaching, saving energy is on everyone’s minds.

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Hydro Québec
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Ressources naturelles Québec:

And when warming up your cars remember to reduce your warm-up idling because it’s harmful to us and to the environment. Click here for more information.

Think Green even when it’s white outside!



End of Growth Tour

On October 15, as a part of a nationwide lecture tour, economist Jeff Rubin and Canadian icon and environmentalist David Suzuki spoke at McGill University on the importance of creating a sustainable future.
They highlighted arguments and observations from their most recent books—

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