Winter Gardening

Pity the books on gardening — as the snow piles up these books will be delegated to the shelves to wait out the winter.  But wait they don’t have to; there is plenty that we northerner gardeners can do in our gardens during the winter months. Here are a few books to give you some inspiration.

winter_harvestWinter Harvest Handbook: Year-Round Organic Vegetable Production for the Twenty-First Century
by Eliot Coleman
635.2 C692
Explains how to grow and harvest vegetables throughout the year in mobile plastic greenhouses that use little heat, covering topics such as greenhouse design and construction, soil preparation, weed control, pests, and summer and winter crops.


The Winter Garden: Create a Garden That Shines through the Forgotten Seas
by Val Bourne
635.953 B775
An inspirational guide that shows how trees, shrubs, seedheads, berries and evergreens can bring your garden to life in winter.

year_roundThe Year-Round Vegetable Gardener
by Niki Jabbour
635.1 J11
Presents advice for growing vegetables throughout the year, discussing such topics as selecting the right vegetables for the season, using succession planting, and building and setting up cold frames.



Continuous Container Gardens: Swap in the Plants of the Season to Create Fresh Designs Year-Round
by Sara Begg Townsend and Roanne Robbins
635.9679 T751
Explains how to leverage container gardening for year-round beauty, in a book that includes twelve projects, each with four different looks for the seasons



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