Trash Talk: What You Throw Away by Amy Tilmont and Jeff Garside

Trash TalkFrom the Second Nature: Changes and Challenged in the New Environment series comes a brand new book called Trash Talk: What You Throw Away. This great nonfiction title, aimed at children 8 years old and up, discusses a current problem that is only growing and that “poses a problem for people around the world.”

The book begins by comprehensively explaining the problem with the way we treat our waste. By giving historical background and future forecasts, the book helps younger readers (and their parents) understand the magnitude of this issue. Halfway through the book, the focus switches to what we can do to solve this problem, as authors Amy Tilmont and Jeff Garside highlight some of the bright ideas that scientists are working on. With vibrant, eye-catching pictures, a handy glossary, and some inspiring quotes collected at the back of the book, Trash Talk: What You Throw Away is a great nonfiction resource to help bring awareness to this issue.

-Valerie, Manager of Children’s Services


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