Reconnecting with the St. Lawrence River

The majestic St. Lawrence River has been a great influence on the cultural, as well as the natural, history of Quebec and Canada.  Unfortunately, during the course of the last century, this mighty river has suffered greatly due to pollution.  Although water quality has improved  during the past decade, the St. Lawrence still has a bad reputation when it comes to recreational use.

The David Suzuki Foundation hopes to dispel myths about the state of the St. Lawrence with a week of activities along the river in June aimed at encouraging people to reconnect with the great waterway.  From June 7 to 15, the Semaine du St-Laurent will feature activities throughout Quebec, including a family fishing day at Valleyfield, swimming at Montreal’s Old Port and a downtown barbeque of sustainable seafood from the St. Lawrence.  For more information, click here to see The Gazette’s May 27th article.

The St. Lawrence, it’s our River!  Le Saint-Laurent, c’est notre fleuve!” 


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