Children Growing up Disconnected from Nature

David Suzuki was recently on CBC radio explaining how overprotective parenting and the lure of technology are resulting in an entire generation of children being disconnected from nature.  Suzuki believes that being in nature is good for all of us by promoting well-being, less stress and healthier immune systems.  And our kids benefit from “green time” as well.  Studies show that spending time in nature or green spaces helps reduce the symptoms of ADHD.  For more information, click here.


Trash Talk: What You Throw Away by Amy Tilmont and Jeff Garside

Trash TalkFrom the Second Nature: Changes and Challenged in the New Environment series comes a brand new book called Trash Talk: What You Throw Away. This great nonfiction title, aimed at children 8 years old and up, discusses a current problem that is only growing and that “poses a problem for people around the world.”

The book begins by comprehensively explaining the problem with the way we treat our waste. By giving historical background and future forecasts, the book helps younger readers (and their parents) understand the magnitude of this issue. Halfway through the book, the focus switches to what we can do to solve this problem, as authors Amy Tilmont and Jeff Garside highlight some of the bright ideas that scientists are working on. With vibrant, eye-catching pictures, a handy glossary, and some inspiring quotes collected at the back of the book, Trash Talk: What You Throw Away is a great nonfiction resource to help bring awareness to this issue.

-Valerie, Manager of Children’s Services

Fantastic New Children’s Titles

In our continued efforts to keep our collections current, the Children’s Department has just added a great new children’s series to our holdings. The series offers information about the environment while also providing tips about what readers can do to be proactive and make a change in the world. Entitled Protecting our Planet, the books tackle all sorts of different issues, keeping the “What Can We Do” frame in mind.

Click on the link above to find out more!

Book Review: Crinkleroot’s Guide to Giving Back to Nature by Jim Arnosky

Explaining environmental issues to children can be challenging, but because it is such an important subject, many parents want some help figuring out how to integrate environmental consciousness into their children’s daily lives. There are lots of books out there to help parents in this area, and I’m going to highlight one such book today: Crinkleroot’s Guide to Giving Back to Nature by Jim Arnosky. Thanks to the TD Friends of the Environment grant, we now have two copies of this great book.


This latest book in the Crinkleroot series help introduce children to nature and is full of great activities for families. It uses a picture book format so it is especially kid-friendly. Crinkleroot, born in a tree and raised by bees, acts as a guide to interested readers, highlighting different aspects to the wildlife that they can find in their own backyard. Each page brings the reader’s attention to different parts of nature. On one page, Crinkleroot tells readers that lots of animals can live in wild grass, like spiders, bees, sparrows, etc. He then invites children to identify these creatures in the colourful picture on the next page; what’s better than an engaging book that also helps kids learn? The guide demonstrates how to plant trees, how to release a fish unharmed, and in general, how to give back to nature while entirely avoiding a heavy-handed tone.

Take a look the next time you’re in the library, and you won’t be disappointed.

Green Children’s Programs

Despite today’s weather, this weekend made it very clear that summer is just about here, and planting season is in full swing. To celebrate this, the Children’s Department has two upcoming programs that your children can register for, both of which are free. Check out the details below and call the Children’s Desk (514-485-6900 ext. 4111) to register for these fun seasonal activities.

Potted PlantPots and Plants
Wednesday, May 23
For ages 4-7
Location: Activity Room at the ACC

This is your chance to grow a plant of your very own. This educational activity will offer you the chance to decorate a small pot, plant your very own seeds and then bring home your creation so you can watch it grow.

Veggie SeedsLittle Veggies
Sunday, June 3
3 pm
For ages 6-12
Location: Library

Come learn about organic vegetables and how to grow a small vegetable garden. We’ll be sharing tips and advice, as well as planting vegetables in small pots, which you can then take home and plant in your own garden. Watch your veggies grow over the summer until it’s time to eat them! Yum!

We hope to see you there!

Manager of Children’s Services